Alexandria The Great

Alright, so John a buddy of mine who owns a a business who does tree removal in las vegas told me about Alexandria when I mentioned that I was going to start my traveling adventures!  (Happy John?!?  You are immortalized on the internet!!! :).  Alexandria, Egypt is one of the most famous cities along the Mediterranean Sea being located to the East of it. It used to be Egypt’s capital a long time ago when Egypt was a monarchy and still had a king. In fact the king’s palace is one of the sites one should visit. It is called Montaza Palace and is where Egypt’s last king, King Farouk, used to live. It is widely accepted as Egypt’s “second capital” after Cairo.

The weather in Alexandria is beautiful in the winter and delightful in the summer. In the winter it’s chilly, being on a beach, and it’s never too hot in the summer. The beach there isn’t really for swimming due to the large crowds present. It’s mainly for sitting in peace listening to the waves as they come crashing against the shore. Be careful if you’re not a fan of rain though as it usually rains heavily during the winter.

It also hosts one of the world’s largest libraries: the Library of Alexandria. This is located in an area called El Shatby very near to one of Egypt’s most prestigious universities: University of Alexandria. The library is accessible to all for a meager fee and hosts thousands of books. It’s one of former president Hosny Mubarak’s greatest achievements which was mostly pushed for by his wife’s “Reading For All’ initiative which was aimed at decreasing illiteracy as much as possible.

If you’re a fan of swimming you can rent a villa about 200 kilometers west to Alexandria in the North Coast. The North Coast is considered part of Alexandria but it’s less of a city. It’s mostly made of private compounds all located on the beach where you can rent or buy a villa and enjoy your vacation. If you’re someone who likes the night life and partying this might be too dull for you. If you’re like me however and enjoy the sun, beach, a good book, and some peace and quiet then you’re definitely going to love it.

Alexandria is a fun place to spend a few days and can be part of your trip to Egypt. It also has an international airport so it can be your final destination in Egypt before you head off. If you love seafood then Alexandria will be where you live the rest of your life because even compared to the rest of Egypt, Alexandrians are the experts when it comes to seafood.